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Québec’s Bill-52 (Euthanasia) & SCC Implications

Conflict at the end-of-life, particularly between families and healthcare providers, involves many complex factors: differing opinions surrounding a patient’s prognosis, cultural differences, moral values and religious beliefs, associated costs, internal family dynamics, and of course,…

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Québec’s Secular Charter: Former Supreme Court Justices Speak Out

It is a topic seldom discussed in Canadian politics: the lives, and influences, of former Supreme Court of Canada justices. The power SCC justices can possess while retired from the bench is being displayed in…

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Judicial Review Delays Justice Nadon’s Parliamentary Hearing

A Parliamentary Committee hearing which was scheduled to question Justice Nadon on October 2, 2013 has been delayed amid new developments surfacing recently regarding the appointment of Justice Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of…