Criminal Law


Part One: Significant Revisions of the Civil Forfeiture Act: Targeting Organized Crime, Fentanyl Production, and Charter Rights

Mike Farnworth, the Solicitor General, introduced the Civil Forfeiture Amendment Act to the B.C. Legislature on March 5th. Minister Farnworth called the Bill “the most significant revision” of the Civil Forfeiture Act since its introduction…


SNC-Lavalin Will Not Get Judicial Review of Decision Rejecting Remediation Agreement

In a decision released by the Federal Court this morning, SNC-Lavalin (SNC) was denied an application for judicial review, meaning that the prosecution against the Quebec company will go ahead as usual. SNC applied to have…


Oland Mistrial Shows how easy it is for Police to Breach the Charter

When looking at the actions of the Crown and police in the wake of a high profile homicide, it is startling to realize how precarious things can quickly become for them. Relatively minor transgressions that…