Privacy / La vie privée

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Google accused of breaching privacy laws

Google is being criticized by users and Canada’s privacy commissioner for Buzz, its new social-networking tool. When Buzz was added to Google’s Gmail accounts last week, users were automatically assigned a list of “followers” without…

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Freedom of the press from unreasonable search and seizure: Canadian Broadcasting Corp. v. Manitoba (A.G.) et al., 2009 MBCA 122

A rececent Manitoba Court of Appeal decision raised interesting issues of freedom of the press from unreasonable search and seizure. An accused was charged with assaulting his sister and assaulting a police officer.  The latter…

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Re: U of A e-mail going to Google?

A story today out of the Calgary Herald reports that the University of Alberta is planning to outsource its e-mail to Google. A privacy impact assessment was conducted in the fall by Jonathan Schaeffer, vice-provost…