Police accountability / L’imputabilité de la police


Indpendent Investigation Office Files B.C. Supreme Court Petition Requesting Full Police Cooperation in Investigation

Tensions appear to be rising between the Independent Investigation Office of British Columbia (“IIO”) and Vancouver police over the IIO’s ongoing investigation into the death of Myles Grey in 2015. According to this CBC article, “Gray,…


Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench to Decide if a Random Police Check Constituted Racial Profiling

The constable involved testified that part of the reason that Kenowesaquape was stopped was that he was riding a new bicycle that looked ‘too expensive’ for him. However, Kenowesaquape was not told that the officer…

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Police Body Cameras: Problems with the Presumption of ‘Good Discretion’

Fredericton police started a 90-day body camera project this past week. Six members of the police force, 3 Traffic Safety officers, and 3  of the Primary Response Team, will be equipped with these cameras. Deputy…