Police accountability / L’imputabilité de la police

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Police Body Cameras: Problems with the Presumption of ‘Good Discretion’

Fredericton police started a 90-day body camera project this past week. Six members of the police force, 3 Traffic Safety officers, and 3  of the Primary Response Team, will be equipped with these cameras. Deputy…

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Supreme Court Finds that Police “Drug Recognition Expert” Evidence Does Not Require a Voir Dire Hearing

Background Bingley, the appellant, was observed driving erratically by police. He was apprehended by a police officer who suspected that he was impaired and conducted a roadside screening device test, which Bingley passed. The officer…

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N.W.T RCMP Respond to Unfounded with Training and New Policies

Data published in the Globe and Mail indicated that around thirty percent of sexual assault allegations were declared unfounded in the Northwest Territories.  Northwest Territories’ rate is higher than the national average of nineteen percent….

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Une experte de l’ONU inquiète pour la liberté d’expression au Myanmar

Le rapporteur spécial de l’ONU sur la situation des droits de l’Homme au Myanmar, mme Yanghee Lee s’est prononcée sur sa récente visite du pays du 9 au 21 janvier 2017. Ce qui l’inquiète particulièrement sur…

Protestors kettled by the Toronto Police during the G20 Summit in Toronto on June 26, 2010

Bahamas Government Balks at IACHR Communication

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in a November 4th communication to the Bahamas government granted protective measures in respect of five Bahamians associated with the Save the Bays environmental lobby group. After local…

Protestors kettled by the Toronto Police during the G20 Summit in Toronto on June 26, 2010

Supreme Court Dismisses Police’s Appeal in G20 Case, Gives Class Action Clearance to Move Ahead with Lawsuits

In a decision handed down on November 10 the Supreme Court of Canada, in the case of Toronto Police Services Board v. Good,  dismissed the appeal by the Toronto Police Services Board from a lower court decision. The…