Liberty and due process / Liberté et droits procéduraux


La lutte contre le terrorisme d’après la CEDH

L’Europe fait l’objet d’attaques terroristes surtout d’origine islamiste, qui se sont accentuées ces dernières années, notamment en réponse  à l’ingérance le plus souvent armée et de plus en plus croissante des pays du Nord dans les…

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Supreme Court Rules that Litigation Privilege Cannot be Overridden Without a Statute’s Express Language

The Supreme Court ruled that litigation privilege is protected by the same rules of statutory interpretation as solicitor client privilege. Namely, a statute must be clear and unambiguous about its overriding of litigation privilege to…

Protestors kettled by the Toronto Police during the G20 Summit in Toronto on June 26, 2010

Supreme Court Dismisses Police’s Appeal in G20 Case, Gives Class Action Clearance to Move Ahead with Lawsuits

In a decision handed down on November 10 the Supreme Court of Canada, in the case of Toronto Police Services Board v. Good,  dismissed the appeal by the Toronto Police Services Board from a lower court decision. The…


Protecting Our Youth: The Over-Reliance on Incarceration in the New Brunswick Youth Criminal Justice System

The preamble to the Youth Criminal Justice Act acknowledges that “Canadian society should have a youth criminal justice system that… reduces the over-reliance on incarceration for non-violent young persons.” In New Brunswick, this mandate has…