Criminal justice / justice criminelle


Morasse v Nadeau-Dubois: The Supreme Court Re-affirms that Injunctive Relief is an Exceptional Punishment

In a 6:3 ruling, the Supreme Court has upheld the Québec Court of Appeal’s ruling, acquitting CLASSE spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, of the contempt charge brought against him. Student and private citizen, Jean-François Morasse, brought the…

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Civil Society Groups, Opposition Challenge ICC Withdrawal in Constitutional Court

Concerned over justice for human rights violations, South Africa’s official opposition and civil society groups formally challenged the government’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court. In papers filed with the South Africa Constitutional Court last…

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A Candid Conversation: Raising Awareness of Systemic and Physical Violence Against Indigenous Women

Since the Truth and Reconciliation Committee’s calls for action against the marginalizing effects of residential schools in 2015, the media has a heightened awareness towards violence against Indigenous people across the country. The Committee has…