Articles by Nikita Gush


Alberta Courts Continue to Face Backlog of Cases— Local Lawyer Responds with an Initiative to Hire More Masters

One of the primary issues faced by courts in Alberta is the amount of time it takes for a case to be heard. Last year Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley declared the government’s intention to…


Edmonton Lawyer Suspects Bias Against Accused Men in Sexual Assault Cases and Requests the Court to Reveal the Training of Judges

A recent case from Alberta involved a man convicted of: sexual assault, aggravated assault, attempt to choke, unlawful confinement, and making death threats to a female complainant. Typically, cases involving sexual assault revolve around the…


Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench to Decide if a Random Police Check Constituted Racial Profiling

The constable involved testified that part of the reason that Kenowesaquape was stopped was that he was riding a new bicycle that looked ‘too expensive’ for him. However, Kenowesaquape was not told that the officer…