Health Canada slow to assess role of insecticide in honeybee decline

CBC News coverage highlights recent media and industry concern over the role of neonicotinoid insecticides in honeybee colony deaths, in the wake of a global decline in honeybee populations.  A moratorium on the use of “neonics” has been in effect across the European Union since April.  However, Health Canada’s Pest Management and Regulatory Agency has reportedly failed to adopt this measure, instead calling for further assessment which “may take several years to complete.”

Sierra Club Canada issued a statement in May, asserting that:

“The federal government’s response to this global crisis is grossly insufficient. Its job is to protect Canadians, not the profits of chemical companies and big agri-business.”

According to the CBC News, Health Canada receives approximately $8 million per year in application and licencing fees from chemical companies producing neonicotinoid-treated seeds.