Inquest Into Lander Police Shooting Starts Today

An inquiry is beginning today into the death of a 42 year old Karen Lander in Yellowknife, who was shot by police in March of 2012, according to the CBC.  Police say that they fired the shots when she came towards them with a rifle.  She was then shot by three police and struck with four bullets.  Police say that she was suicidal at the time of the incident, and that the shooting was the culmination of a five hour standoff.

As part of the inquest, testimony will be heard from 35 witnesses, including eyewitnesses, R.C.M.P., social workers, and doctors who treated Lander.  A six person jury will consider the testimony.

Chief Coroner Cathy Menard says that since the incident, police and procedures regarding the use of force have been a concern in Canada.

The inquest is expected to run for eight days.