Nova Scotia Government Boycotts Hearing due to Media Presence

Former residents of Nova Scotia’s Home for Coloured Children are upset that the provincial government refused to attend out-of-court hearings today after the Chronicle Herald signalled its intent to report on the proceedings.

The province is being sued by 140 claimants for not doing enough to protect children that were allegedly abused at the home decades ago. Deanna Smith, a claimant who flew in from Calgary for the examinations says the government’s decision is disrespectful. She states that, “They weren’t there for me as a child, and as an adult the the behaviour still continues.”

The province is taking issue with whether or not the media is entitled to be present at these hearings.  Wagners, a firm representing some of the claimants states that out-of-court examinations are a matter of the public record and function the same way as court examinations. The province has said that it  would seek a ruling on media presence from a Nova Scotia Supreme court Justice through teleconference.  Wagners states that, “The decision to exclude the public is something that the courts are jealously guarding.”

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