No criminal charges over a Scarborough Islamic school’s anti-Semitic materials

The East End Madrassah will not face criminal charges after a police investigation into anti-Semitic curriculum documents, the Toronto Star reports. Police determined that the material, however offensive, did not cross the line into criminal hate speech.

In May 2012, there was a public outcry after revelations that online course materials contained derogatory references to Judaism, including comparisons to Nazism. This led the Toronto District School Board to evict the Madrassah from public school premises until the conclusion of the investigation as well as board and community meetings to ensure compliance with equity policy. The Madrassah immediately apologized, claiming the material had been posted in error and did not reflect its teachings, as the Globe and Mail reported back in May.

It remains unclear whether the Madrassah will be permitted to use public-school property again, or whether there will be substantive changes to, and oversight of, its curriculum to prevent another such incident in the future.