Nunavut Government Bans Access to Social Media Sites in Schools, in order to Save Bandwidth

An article from Nunatsiaq Online is reporting that the Nunavut government has placed a ban on social media websites in schools in order to save on bandwidth.

The Nunavut Teacher’s Association is unhappy about the ban, especially since they weren’t informed of the policy change before it happened.

Teachers have a lot of very current content in their materials, and often make use of YouTube and other social media sites, to illustrate their lessons.

One of their complaints is that now they are forced to download YouTube videos ahead of time, instead of at school.

Robin Langill the president of the Nunavut Teacher’s Association, stated in the article that:

“The complaint is you can’t access it now, so now we have to do it at night at home.”

Although Langill is sympathetic to how short-changed the Nunavut Government is, he wishes that teachers had been informed of the ban before it was put into place.