Bill in Newfoundland & Labrador will affect freedom of information

The CBC reports here that Bill 29 in Newfoundland and Labrador would amend the provincial Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This bill will allow for the provincial government to be more secretive. It will be able to keep ministerial briefings secret, ignore requests for information seen as frivolous by cabinet ministers and stop the auditor general from access to certain records. The cabinet secrecy rules will be broadened, which could lead to factual information being kept from the public. The public will also not be able to access ministerial briefing notes any longer.

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  1. Stan Squires | 14/06/2012 at 2:15 pm |

    Im originally from St.Phillips,NFLD and im living in vancouver now.I wanted to say that the ammendment to bill 29 is reactionary and deprives the people from criticizing the gov. of NfLD.
    This is the sort of laws that are in countries that have a monarchial type of gov.where the monarch have complete control over the people.In Germany in 1878 the monarch,Fredrick William IV passed the Anti socialist Law censoring all newspapers and magazines.Freedom of movement was restricted to.
    The ammendment to Bill 29 is the kind of laws that lead to a police state.All progressive people and unions in NFLD should fight against this oppressive piece of legislation.

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