More than 100 arrested at Montreal protest

«More than 100 people were arrested and two were injured after a protest by Montreal students turned ugly on Thursday evening, with police firing tear gas into the crowd.

About 2,000 protesters headed north through the city, then west along Sherbrooke Street, but no police were visible along the route, although they were positioned on adjacent streets and in the city’s subway system.

 When about six officers did appear, a few protesters started throwing rocks at them. At one intersection, police fired off two loud stun grenades, sending a panic through the crowd. Protesters ran in all directions, but riot police formed a line, and banging on their shields with their batons, marched forward, shoving demonstrators north.»

There were a few testimonials saying that they have never been in a demonstration where police threw explosives into the crowd.
There were more than a 100 arrests , 2 injuries and many vandalized stores in the downtown area.
Some believe that the police is operating a strategy of fear. A law student from UQAM testified that she feels threatened by the actions of the police.
Some testified that police officers were actually being violent , a young woman was holding a bag of ice to her right eye after she had been whacked by a police officer.
Most arrests were made infront of a downtown library
This protest was done against police brutality but it seems like it was not effective.