McGill University Uses Intimidating Tactics Against McGill Daily

McGill University has sent a letter to the Daily Publications Society (DPS), publisher of 2 of the campus’ most popular newspapers, demanding that they remove any links to the McGillLeaks website on their own website and that they stop referring to the leaked documents and information. (McGillLeaks is a website which has publicized confidential information regarding targeted donors and their personal information.)

The university has threatened to use “any available legal recourse to protect its rights and the rights of the third parties.”

The DPS feels that McGill’s tactics are an infringement of their freedom of expression. Their lawyer, Michael Bergman, argues that the information is no longer confidential, having been put in the public domain by McGillLeaks.

Nevertheless, the DPS is complying with McGill’s demands for now for fear of a lengthy – and costly – court battle.

“We’re not in a position to go to court over this,” said Aaron Vansintjan, chairperson of the DPS. “But we didn’t steal the documents and we believe we were within our rights because the documents were already in the public domain.

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