No opt-out rule for airport body scanners

The Federal Government in Australia will be introducing legislation that will result in Australians being unable to opt out of invasive screening processes in airports.

The screening process which has already been adopted in Canada and the U.S involves a full body scan that is registered on a screen where a full human body can be seen.

Due to the controversy surrounding the adoption of these scanners in the European Union, people traveling in airports within the union are able to opt out of the scanning process and be patted down instead.

Australians are arguing for the same option in their airports. However, if the legislation is passed, they will not have that ability.

Officials claim that the scans are merely generic outlines of the human body, will not be saved and are perfectly safe for the body. Officials also say the scans are essential to the safety of the airports. However, civil libertarians are still opposed to such inability to opt out of the process and compare the process to a “digital strip search”.



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  1. Australians are insane. They are not a serious target for terrorists.

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