Hospital Smoking Ban Controversy Continues in Winnipeg with Ticketing Set to Begin

In May 2011, Winnipeg City Council unanimously approved an Outdoor Smoking Bylaw to prohibit smoking within prescribed distances of certain locations, including sports fields and outdoor rinks where youth are playing, school properties and playgrounds, and City of Winnipeg workplaces.

However, as reported by the Winnipeg Free Press, the prohibition against smoking on hospital grounds and within 8 meters of any entrances has attracted the most attention. Enforcement started in January, with hospital security handing out small reminder cards to those found to be smoking in prohibited areas. They have now transitioned into the next phase with warning tickets being issued to “repeat offenders”. These tickets do not yet carry a fine, but one copy is kept by hospital security and another is sent to either the supervisor of an offending staff member or the ward where a patient resides.

Later in the year, City of Winnipeg bylaw-enforcement officers are set to start issuing tickets, which would start at $100 and increase up to $1,000 for subsequent offences. The City is also encouraging the public to politely ask others to butt out in the designated areas, however, complaints to the City can result in the issue of a ticket.

Find the full article here. The comments section illustrates what a live issue this remains among the public.