Bilingual Commercial signage a concern in Dieppe, N.B

The City of Dieppe, New Brunswick passed a by-law over a year ago, requiring all advertising signs to be in both French and English. With this new by-law, a grace period of almost eight months was given as a way for the commercial signage to adapt to these new rules.

However, not everyone is complying with this by-law and the City is now faced with issuing fines. The reasons for this non-compliance appears to be varied. Most concerns seem to be that having signs in both French and English is affecting business in some way.

The history of the requirement of bilingualism in commercial signs in the City has been a very controversial one. The by-law came into being after a petition was brought forth by francophone members of the community. This was met by much opposition and was even accused as being discriminatory.

With the current trend of business ignoring the by law, the controversial history may once again become apparent.

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3 Comments on "Bilingual Commercial signage a concern in Dieppe, N.B"

  1. Dieppe bill Z-22

    Forced French First bilingual signage.

    (1) All commercial exterior signage in the city of Dieppe MUST be displayed in BOTH official languages. ( bilingual signage ).

    (2) Dieppe bill Z-22 Municipal bylaw also states that the French language MUST be displayed either at the TOP of the sign, ABOVE THE ENGLISH TEXT, or to the left of the sign with the English text on the right.

    (3) The city of Dieppe has publicity declared itself A FRENCH city. The city of Dieppe said that it is not a BILINGUAL CITY and that the city of Dieppe is a FRENCH CITY that just offers English service. ( Global News ).

    (4) The Dieppe Forced French First Bilingual sign law Z-22 is taken almost all in content from Quebecs controversial bill 101 which was originally called bill 22.

    I really think that its time for the city of Dieppe to realize that everyone wants ” FREEDOM OF CHOICE” in language and that Forced French First bilingual sign law bill Z-22 is a VIOLATION of our RIGHT to “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”.

  2. Joy Dykeman | 31/03/2012 at 12:25 pm |

    Agree with you Tiger. There is no justification for Z-22 in this province let alone a teeny insignificant, overegotistic little bunch of franco kebec agitators.

  3. This is a prime example on how misinformed people are. The Discriminatory Dieppe Forced Language sign law bill Z-22 is a Forced ” French First Bilingual “sign law. All non french speaking in Dieppe must sit at the back of the bus.

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