N.B. Farmer in Lebanese Jail

Hank Tepper, a New Brunswick farmer has been jailed in Lebanon for 4 months over allegations that he sold potatoes unfit for human consumption to Algeria.

Tepper owns Tobique farms, one of N.B.’s largest producers, and was overseas trying to secure new markets for his produce when he was detained.

Jim Mockler, Tepper’s lawyer is disappointed with the slow reaction of both the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister’s office in their attempts to secure Tepper’s release. Mockler reminded the CBC that Tepper has yet to be charged and yet has still been imprisoned in poor conditions for 4 months.

Supporters of Tepper want answers and action from the Federal Government. On Tuesday 125 people gathered in support of Tepper in Drummond N.B. urging the Canadian Government to push for Tepper’s release.

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3 Comments on "N.B. Farmer in Lebanese Jail"

  1. lynn Aird | 16/02/2012 at 3:55 pm |

    why is Hank still in Jail ? There has not been a trail and WHAT IS THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT DOING . This is unbelievable that a Canadian would be treated this way . I would think twice about voting for a goverment who can not protect its citizens . Shame !!!!!

  2. I assume that Tepper is in jail because while visiting another country he broke their laws – Canadians are not above the laws of other countries while visiting or doing business in them. Foreign Affairs should certainly intervene to ensure that if charges are not going to be laid that Tepper is freed promptly – however if he did break the law should he not be tried? Lynn would you be alright with someone from another country breaking the law here in Canada and then getting off because their actions were legal in their home country? Now that would be a “shame”!

  3. Rachael | 21/02/2012 at 5:23 pm |

    What the man did was wrong!
    i believe very strongly if you do the crime you do the time!

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