Op Ed: Prosecute the wikileakers

An opinion editorial in today’s National Post has called on those behind the online leak of over 90,000 classified NATO documents from the Afghan conflict to be prosecuted for the apparent damage that the leaks have done to coalition intelligence gathering against the Taliban, asserting that:

“Ordinary Afghans are now reluctant to pass on what they know about Taliban plans out of fear that a future Internet posting will make them the targets of brutal Taliban reprisals.”

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  1. Paul Chislett | 12/08/2010 at 1:19 pm |

    This kind of moral and ethical quagmire is why invasions and occupations of other countries cannot be condoned. If Assange is guilty so is Bush, Blair, Harper and all their cronies. If the corporate media was doing its job(for instance terming the conflict in Afghanistan an occupation rather than a war, and reported from that angle), wikileaks wouldn’t exist. Now, we can’t trust anyone and more Afghans die. We need to get our military out now, and then get to a place where we can ask the Afghans what can we do to help.

    Read more: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2010/08/12/national-post-editorial-board-prosecute-the-wikileakers/#ixzz0wPfI5up1

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