Wikileaks “Afghan War Diary” raises questions about NATO operation, Pakistan, and its own existence

Wikileaks, which released the infamous video of American soldiers opening fire on civilians a few months ago, has posted over 90 000 documents received from 2004-2010 relating to the NATO mission in Afghanistan.  Among the revelations is a link between Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence force and the Taliban.

The National Post has more; they report that, “The White House condemned the leak, saying it could threaten national security and endanger the lives of Americans.  Pakistan said leaking unprocessed reports from the battlefield was irresponsible.”

The debate over the proper role of Wikileaks wrestles with the balance between privacy/security concerns on the one hand, and freedom of information and the needs of a free press on the other.  Creator Julian Assange recently spoke publicly about these issues and the process by which Wikileaks assesses documents they receive for legitimacy; you can watch his talk here.