Liberal Senators propose putting video cameras on RCMP uniforms

In a position paper on the future of the federal police, Liberal members of the Senate security committee suggest that every RCMP officer have a video camera on their uniform. The authors say the purpose would be to document evidence of crimes and to prove whether or not an officer acted according to law in the course of duty.

The senators also suggest the government should “boost RCMP ranks by 5,000-7,000, hire more women and visible minority officers, and impose stronger civilian oversight on the Mounties”.

2 Comments on "Liberal Senators propose putting video cameras on RCMP uniforms"

  1. This cameras on officers idea is a proposal that has been made before. For me, one crucial question is whether the officers will have discretion to turn the cameras off. If I remember correctly, a BC proposal included the ability for officers to control when the camera was running – a proposal that fundamentally undermines the oversight rationale…

  2. Jim Weiten | 25/02/2010 at 5:15 pm |

    Why do we need another 5000 to 7000 mounties? What are they proposing a police state? Seems that way…just work with what you got and make them accountable to civilian authority when they kill people like has been the case at Vancouver airport and various other places, and then try to cover it up..and lie lie lie under oath..hiring more mounties will not correct this corruption which appears out of control…maybe while the senators are awake they should look at the BNA Act, and tell the provinces to get their own police forces like Ontario and Quebec. Policing is a provincial matter under the laws of the land. Time for the mounties to do their musical ride thing, and ride off into the sunset!

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