Federal Court to conduct judicial review of decision to bar Galloway

The Federal Court of Canada will conduct a judicial review of the government’s decision to deny George Galloway, a British Member of Parliament, entry into Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency barred Galloway from Canada in March of 2009 and this decision was upheld by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. The reason provided was that Galloway had supported Hamas, which Canada lists as a terrorist organization, financially.

Subsequent to this decision Galloway, joined by a number of Canadian organizations and individuals that had invited him to speak, went to Federal Court seeking an interlocutory order to permit him to enter Canada. Justice Luc Martineau released his decision on March 30, 2009 and refused to issue an order that would have allowed Galloway to enter Canada in time for his speaking engagements.  Two of the points on which he based his decision were: the fact that as a non-citizen, Galloway did not have an unfettered right to enter this country and that Galloway’s reasons for coming to Canada, namely to speak to crowds of supporters, could be addressed with a televised speech and a satellite link. While the interlocutory order was denied, the main judicial review has proceeded.  Oral arguments are scheduled to be heard in April.

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  1. I believe the Canadian Immigration/ Border Services Agency has many cases of racism and inequality that could be brought up, not only in the case of Mr. Galloway, but in the case of suddenly demanding visas for countries who have undesirable ethnicities (Czech Republic, Romania and Poland are even EU members… but they have Romany) as a way of masking the racism and making sure they find absurd reasons for denying entry to individuals who in all ways meet the criteria for entry. I am curious how many everyday people have been refused basic tourist entry and how they were treated. Discover Canada… only if you’re white enough!

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