Toronto police force continues to improve diversity

The Globe and Mail reports on continuing efforts by the Toronto police force to improve diversity amongst its ranks.  In a city that is approximately 50% female and 50% non-white, Toronto’s officers are currently almost 20% female, and a similar proportion belong to a minority group.  This is a significant improvement from the force’s make-up 20 years ago, when approximately 94% of officers were white males.

According to the article, improving demographics are reflected in the most recent graduating class of the Toronto Police Service. Roughly 1/3 of the 2010 class are minorities, and 23% are female.  In addition, a majority of graduates speak more than one language, and almost 25% speak three languages.  Though comparative statistics are not provided, the Globe indicates that the Toronto police force is now the most diverse in Canada.

There are reports in the article of discontentment among some officers with respect to current recruitment policies, claiming that too many good white male candidates are being overlooked.   However, the fact remains that less than 1/5 of officers are female or non-white in a city listed by Wikipedia as one of the most diverse in the world.